Love is the beginning of your story. Love has brought you both together to celebrate, surrounded by family and friends with your specialized wedding ceremony. A beautiful wedding day is the start of the foundations you have set in place for a wonderful married life ahead. I will seamlessly guide with full collaboration, develop your ceremony to be a reflection of your journey together along with your hopes for the future. Readings, poetry, music samples are readily available to peruse. You may wish a short & sweet ceremony, maybe just legal wording, or a more expansive and inclusive ceremony. It’s your day, it’s your choice.

$595 – $895


Love is love. There are many couples who wish to express their love and commitment to each other and due to choice or circumstances are unable to have the legal requirements fulfilled. Nevertheless you can have a beautiful and meaningful ceremony without being obstructed by the official legal wording.

A commitment ceremony can have the same content and expressions of love, without the legal requirements. A commitment certificate will be provided.


Renewal of vows

Love’s staying power. As a married couple, it maybe just been a few years since your special day. Together you have grown stronger. Your marriage has weathered the difficult times, you have laughed together during the good times, and your love has borne fruit and deepened with time.

This is the time for you to reconnect, being older and wiser, more knowing, you understand each other better and want to have those special people to witness your renewed promise to each other. Maybe children, grandchildren, new friends or old friends to bear witness that love lives here.



Love grows. Welcoming your child into to your family and immediate community with a naming ceremony is a time of celebration and happiness. A naming ceremony can be an informal occasion to recognise love, support and togetherness within your neighbourhood. A continuing commitment to family generations past, present and future.

Music, singing, speeches, poems can be included. Rituals will include the child, for everyone to have fun such as bubbles or candle lighting or balloons. The naming ceremony can be for a baby or welcoming an older child into the family or blending a family. A naming certificate will be presented.


Funeral or Memorial

When a love one has died, the love does not die. Organising a funeral or memorial can be distressing, stressful, not knowing what to do and of course will need to be organised quickly. As such, I will meet with you and other bereaved, at a time and place convenient, to talk about your loved one, to fully understand their unique life and journey.

Provision of a last and fitting tribute will be based on your collective memories and stories. This will include the eulogy, readings, poetry, music and any other rituals that you need to incorporate to express your feelings and outpouring of grief. I will work with your selected funeral director to ensure the funeral ceremony is eloquently presented and smoothly run.


Pet Funeral

Unconditional love. Pet owners will often cite that their pets are integral to their lives. It is not unusual to express the importance of this relationship, the happiness, boundless love and health benefits a pet provides.

Together we can create your own bespoke ceremony to honour the love and companionship shared over your time together. To celebrate the life and memories of your beloved pet can also assist with the understanding of death and the grief process, especially for children. A simple dignified funeral or memorial ceremony for your pet, could include a short eulogy with loving testimonials, perhaps a piece of music or a family song, an altar with flowers, and lighting of candles.



  • Unlimited meetings with bride & groom
  • Unlimited correspondence by email & telephone
  • A personalized ceremony
  • Guidance and support with suitable rituals and readings
  • All legal paperwork and lodging documents
  • A ‘Marriage Certificate’ presented to you on the day
  • Wedding rehearsal at a mutually agreed location
  • Officiating your wedding ceremony on the day
  • Stationery, posting and printing costs
  • Travel up to 30km from CBD or Geelong
  • PA system availability
  • Consultation on Celebrant attire
  • Funeral meetings arranged promptly
  • Pet funeral to be conducted in your home, at time convenient to the family, can be after hours or weekends
  • Children reference library available upon request on the subject of dying & death

My Commitment

It is my commitment to you to always listen, respect your individuality and gently assist you to select a true reflection of your dream ceremony.

Our journey together is about engaging my skills and experience in drafting your ideas, guidance and outlining possible rituals and immersing your hopes into making your ceremony memorable.

I am happily able to deliver your ceremony in all areas of Melbourne and regional Victoria.


For you to feel comfortable in your selection of a celebrant and planning your ceremony, you are welcome to ring or email me for initial discussion and to confirm my availability.

Most importantly our initial meeting will be at no cost to you and with no obligations.